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Kal’s artistic journey began in childhood with Calligraphy, igniting a lifelong pursuit of learning. Following studies in Fashion and Interior Design during her tertiary education in Cape Town, South Africa, she ventured into Make-up Artistry, contributing backstage at The Artscape theatre for Gilbert and Sullivan productions. It’s this early love of creativity and learning which led her to her unique furniture repair and upholstery service today.

A wealth of experience

Her impressive 22-year stint in the family hospitality business commenced during her early teens, providing ample opportunity to cultivate invaluable skills in management, which translated into her adeptness in effectively working with both staff and clients alike. This substantial experience became the solid foundation upon which an exciting collaboration served as a catalyst, propelling her journey toward launching a successful bespoke wedding and decor enterprise in vibrant Cape Town.

Subsequently, Kal delved into the world of South African film and theatre, carving her path as a stylist, art department assistant, and wardrobe mistress at the renowned Fugard Theatre. Relocating to London marked a transformative phase, facilitating her career shift towards furniture repair and upholstery services. Kal pursued her passion through dedicated studies at the prestigious Shoreditch Design Rooms, culminating in her attainment of high quality and esteemed AMUSF diploma.

A passion for creativity 

Kal’s journey also involved her creative foundation of the Maker Station in Brentford, a dynamic co-working space catering to makers. Today, she stands as the proud owner of Studio Flox – a thriving Brentford hub encompassing design, creativity, soft furnishings, fabric, and passementerie samples. This multifaceted haven also hosts engaging classes, including the celebrated annual Brentford Creative Mile.

Empowerment, learning and collaboration

Central to her ethos is a philosophy of empowerment and upliftment within her chosen community, coupled with an unwavering commitment to continuous knowledge acquisition and collaboration. These principles remain steadfastly embedded in both her life and business endeavours, including her exceptional years of experience and top-notch furniture repair and upholstery service.

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Kal Watrobski
Founder, Owner
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